Computer Repair Services

Security Services

In today's society, computers are under constant attack from all corners of the internet.  From shady web pages to email phishing scams to cold calls asking you to let someone take over your computer to solve some sort of problem you didn't know you had.  Once infected or hijacked, you're at the mercy of the attackers.  At Tech-Tronics, we offer a full line of security services for personal computers from Anti-Virus software to Anti-Malware as well as manual virus removal for the toughies you might run across from time to time.  

Hardware Repair

Along with the Security Services, we also offer hardware repairs and installs from Motherboard rebuilds to Power Supply repair and any manner of upgrades including RAM, Hard Drives andGraphics Cards.

Estimate Fees

With all computers brought in for diagnostics or repair we collect a $50 deposit at time of drop off.  We will diagnose the unit and prepare an estimate for the repair.  The $50 deposit is applied to any final bill if the repair is approved.  In the case of a declined estimate or an unrepairable device, the deposit is not refundable.  It is for the time spent on the diagnosis.