Television Repair Services

To Repair or Not to Repair

With the advent of flat screen TV's, the televison repair service landscape changed dramatically.  Where you once spent the majority of your entertainment dollars buying a device to watch your programming on, you are now paying a premium for the programming and far less for the device itself.  This does not mean that TV's are not still repairable.  They are indeed very repairable, despite what the salespeople and the manufacturers would have you believe. At Tech-Tronics, we have the ability to repair even the most intricate circuits in a modern television.  That leads to lowered repair costs.

Home of the Free Estimate

Tech-Tronics has always offered a Free Estimate on any TV brought in for repair.  With the arrival of the flat screen TV's we carried that tradition on to these new devices.  Any flat screen TV brought into the shop for repair gets the free evavluation and estimate prepared and you can then decide your best course of action.

In-Home Service Rates

I am no longer offering In-Home Service on any repairs.  All repairs will be done in the shop going forward.  Please call to schedule an appointment for service.